KAP Purbalauddin & Partners

Quality and reliable financial information is essential for business decision making. From start-ups to long-standing companies, businesses rely on accurate and meaningful financial information to increase profitability, take advantage of new opportunities and generate business turnover. Russell Bedford Indomitra provides accounting services that can add value by providing customized services to support clients’ business needs. Our Accounting Services include a variety of services aimed at assisting clients in producing quality financial reporting. Our accounting services include:

Ledger Review
Preparation of Financial Statements
Bookkeeping (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
Accounting System Setup and Support
Review and Cost Management

Why You Should Use the Services of a Tax Consultant ?

A tax consultant will help you take care of all tax administrative matters so that the company will not be burdened.
It is more efficient and effective to use the services of a tax consultant because the error rate is very small so the possibility of paying the risk can be zero.
If there are obstacles, they will be resolved faster so it will not take longer.
When conducting tax audits, companies will be safer because they are accompanied by consultants who are more familiar with audit procedures so that they can anticipate errors in calculations that can harm the company.
Companies can focus more on developing their business without worrying about tax matters.
Companies can do tax planning or tax planning with the help of tax consultant services.

Advantages of Choosing KAP Purbalauddin & Partners ?

KAP Purbalauddin & Partners has more than ten years of experience as a tax consultant service provider who has helped dozens of clients in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. With KAP Purbalauddin & Partners, you will get the following benefits:

Access to a worldwide network of professional service companies with a wealth of practical commercial experience.
Understanding of the big picture and detailed local knowledge.
Access to specialists in your own sector of activity.
Access to experts with the right skills, in the right places.
Fast information exchange.
Professional, personal service based on strong and established relationships.

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