Our History

KAP Purbalauddin & Partners

KAP Purbalauddin & Partner has been operating since July 8, 1991. License letter to practice Public Accountant to Drs. Lauddin Purba was given by the Minister of Finance with Decree Number SI.1201/MK.13/1991 dated July 8, 1991, under the name KAP Lauddin Purba.

Over time, KAP Lauddin Purba merged with KAP Edwin Siregar and changed its name to KAP Purbalauddin & Partner with the Decree of the Minister of Finance Number: S.I. 356/MK.17/1995 dated 23 May 1995 with the latest amendment to the permit being Minister of Finance Decree Number: KEP-680/KM.1/2012 dated 13 June 2012.
KAP Purbalauddin & Partner has also been registered with the Financial Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK RI) as an examiner who can conduct audits, management and state responsibility with Registered Certificate Number 344/STT/XI /2018.

Over the years, our quality professional services have supported a wide range of clients, from private companies to state-owned or local-owned enterprises operating in the manufacturing, mining, banking, construction, education and trade industries, as well as hospitals, pension funds. , non-profit organizations, and bilateral and multilateral donor agencies. We continue to maintain our strong commitment to excellence and integrity while maintaining a position as a successful partner to our valued clients.

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