Business Advisor
KAP Purbalauddin & Partners

In this fast-changing world, businesses need to be adaptive and creative to stay ahead of the competition. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing value-added business advisory services for clients to reach their potential. Our team collaborates with clients to better understand their business needs and help clients find the best strategy that will support the client’s business and operations. Our business advisory services aspire to provide high quality services to support clients’ consistent success. Our business consulting services include:

Business plan preparation
Analysis of business operational results
Business Appraisal
Mergers and acquisitions
Company secretary
Payroll process

Do We Need Business Advisory Services ?

The role of a business advisor is certainly very important for all types of businesses, both those that are just developing and those that have been running for a long time. Businesses that are still in the developing stage certainly get various benefits from a business advisor because they can get constructive direction and input in developing their business.

Even for long-running businesses, business advisors are able to offer fresh and different perspectives so as to help businesses explore and achieve potential that can still be developed. Russell Bedford Indomitra as one of the providers of business advisory services in Jakarta can help our client’s business to continue to provide strategies, input, criticism, and solutions that can build and develop the client’s business

Why KAP Purbalauddin & Partners?

KAP Purbalauddin & Partners has been trusted by various companies in developing their business from 2009 to the present. We offer consulting and management services including business advisory services. Russell Bedford Indomitra as a business advisor who plays a role in determining business strategies and implementing what steps must be taken by client companies and prospective clients to be able to assist in financial planning, marketing, and even business development itself.

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