Audit and Assurance Services
KAP Purbalauddin & Partners

We provide financial statement auditing and assurance services designed to offer real value to clients. Public Accounting Firm (KAP) Purbalauddin & Partners is committed to providing high quality services that will increase client confidence in the market and help discover their potential in the future.

Our team is dedicated to understanding clients’ business in depth and assisting them in dealing with market risks and challenges. Our audit team is skilled and equipped with valuable resources to support clients to meet challenges and manage complexities in a dynamic business environment.

Our financial statement auditing services aspire to go beyond just ensuring the quality of clients’ financial and non-financial performance, but also to assist clients in improving and exploring the potential of the company. Our financial statement audit services include:

Financial Statement Audit
Internal Audit

Why is Financial Statement Audit Services Necessary?

Financial report audit services provide added value for companies in producing financial reports that are not only quality but also reliable. Quality financial reports are certainly a gate for company information in decision making, both for internal companies and for external parties.

For internal companies, auditing financial statements will certainly help companies evaluate employee performance and production processes in support of achieving company goals. Audit services also provide added value because they are able to identify weaknesses in internal management and also identify the possibility of fraud or fictitious transactions. Not only that, audit services also provide recommendations for improvements to weak internal controls and other affected areas.

For external parties, of course the audit of financial statements will provide credible and valid information for investors and creditors who will invest or provide loans to the company. There are so many benefits that can be obtained by companies by auditing financial statements. KAP Purbalauddin & Partners provides the right audit services for your company.

Why Should You Use Audit Services from KAP Purbalauddin & Partners?

The world that is growing with the support of rapid technological advances brings new challenges for every business person around the world. Whether it’s a start-up business or a growing company, KAP Purbalauddin & Partners is ready to give you the support you need to audit quality financial statements.

With our experience as a financial statement audit service provider in Jakarta and has served various corporate and business sectors, KAP Syarief Basir and Partners are strongly committed to continuing to provide comprehensive support for each of our valued clients and by maintaining our professionalism and integration.

We will continue to strive to bring a balance between local and international insights to our clients as a cost-effective solution and world-class experience in conducting financial statement audits.

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