Accounting and Tax Office Work System Due to COVID-19!

The crisis caused by the current COVID-19 or Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on all walks of life of the world’s people. To combat this deadly virus, governments in various countries have issued rules regarding social distancing.

Aturan tersebut menyebabkan berbagai perusahaan mengubah pola interaksi dan sistem kerja perusahaan. Tidak terkecuali, para praktisi akuntansi dan perpajakan pun terkena dampaknya. Apa saja perubahan dalam sistem kerja kantor akuntan dan pajak akibat COVID-19?

Transfer of Accountant Work System to Work From Home (WFH)

Various accounting companies and tax offices have contributed to reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus by implementing a work from home system. By carrying out client tasks and requests from home, accountants and tax office staff can reduce the risk of contracting or becoming virus carriers.

The next question that arises is: what about the quality of the services provided by accountants and tax offices in this remote work system? All leaders are aware of the important role of accountants in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, because accountants are able to provide visibility of the company’s financial situation.

The quality and performance of accountants during a pandemic depends on the technology adopted by the company. For companies that have long implemented and followed technological advances, the work from home system will not cause significant difficulties. On the other hand, companies that have just started the digitalization process will experience challenges in adjusting their business operations during the WFH era, including in the management and financial reporting carried out by accountants.

The best way that company leaders can do to eliminate concerns about the decline in the quality of the work of accountants who work from home is by adjusting the work operational system and optimizing the latest technology, such as the use of the cloud and document reporting via email. Both companies and employees must work together for the smooth adjustment of the work system so that businesses can survive in the midst of difficult situations like now.

Tax Office Services during Covid-19

The tax service sector has also undergone several adjustments in the face of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Through its official website, the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) has announced the postponement of face-to-face services which are usually operated at regional tax offices. Taxpayers (WP) can continue to fulfill their tax payment and reporting obligations through online tax services.

Online reporting often takes up employee bandwidth, especially if your company still relies on manual tax calculations.